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BJ Bridge (BriJ) Pro Version

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BriJ Release 5.01 is a major upgradeBriJ PRO offers all the features of BJ Bridge Lite, plus✫ Use the BriJ Convention Wizard to tailor your bidding style from:-▶ Beginner Acol (Standard English Foundation Level for EBU students)▶ Standard Acol (Standard English Level 2 for EBU students)▶ Advanced Acol (with many added conventions)▶ Beginner SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card System)▶ Standard SAYC (with common conventions) ▶ Advanced SAYC(with many added conventions)▶ Benji Acol▶ Advanced Benji Acol(with many added conventions)
In all styles, you can add or remove bidding conventions to suit your system.
For example, you can optionally add these to any of the base systems:-
▶ 5-card majors▶ Puppet Stayman or Normal Stayman or Baron 3C over 2NT▶ Two-suited overcalls – ELH modified Ghestem and / or ASPTRO▶ Blackwood▶ RKCB (Roman Key Card Blackwood) or original Blackwood▶ Gerber (2 versions)▶ Quantitative 4NT▶ Jacoby 2NT strong support for partner suit▶ Truscott 2NT strong support for partner’s doubled suit▶ Ogust response to weak 2 opener▶ Unassuming cue bids – strong support for partner overcall▶ Splinters▶ Strong jump vs weak jump overcalls ▶ Optional transfer to major and / or minor suit or weak take-out choice▶ Specify your preferred high card point ranges for opening the bidding▶ Choose strong or weak 2 openers
Here are some videos to get you started or remind you of lesser-known features.:
✫ Some more features:
▶ NEW: Play hands and check results from International Tournaments. BriJ comes with hands pre-loaded. You can also download hands from the Internet. Compare your play with the professionals!
▶ Ask BriJ to find deals to illustrate a convention of your choice, such as Puppet Stayman, to help you in practice sessions
▶ Save any deal you play for use later, for further tuition or for exchange with other players
▶ Enjoy unlimited random card deals
▶ Use Bluetooth to connect up with another player. Play with your partner anywhere, without Internet access! As partners or opponents
▶ Play in any combination of seats at the same time. Choose to see all hands or one at a time.Rotate the table to play from another hand position. BriJ auto-rotates to avoid playing as Dummy
▶ Enjoy Duplicate Bridge. See your results compared to alternative computer results, in duplicate form. Bid from a familiar bidding box. See dummy and trick lay-out as you would expect in a real Club game. You can see a running average match percentage.
▶ BriJ uses the same logic as real human players, without looking at other players’ cards. You have a reasonable chance of beating the computer. Like a real player, BriJ may occasionally make mistakes, but it’s improving all the time. Look out for later releases! You can ask to see BriJ’s prediction as tocontract and the expected result to use as your target to beat.
▶ Download hands from your BridgeWebs local club website. See optimum contracts, pairs scoring and replay the hands to find out where you went wrong! RED BOOK practice hands are also supplied, especially useful if you’re attending EBU lessons.
▶ Upload hands to the BriJ Forum for exchange or discussion with other players
See the website for details of the extensive optional features of BriJ, including information on how to get started with BriJ and its tutorial system.
If you find any problem or have queries or suggestions, please email Helen at